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Ikat Pillows: By Master Craftsman Rasuljon

We are not sure if it is the beautiful blurry lines of the ikat Ikat pillows cushionspillows or the exquisite craftsmanship of Rasuljon that we like more.

Rasuljon Mirzaahmedov is an award winning master craftsman and a fifth generation Ikat weaver from the Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. Not too far from the Kyrgyz border is his UNESCO sponsored workshop where he works with over 50 artisans who are masters of the complex tying, colouring and weaving technique of producing the gorgeous Ikat fabric. It has been used by many international designer and brands to make everything from cushions and Ikat pillows to wall art and fashion garments.

Ikat weave textile

Ikat is one of the oldest forms of textile design. Rasuljon acquired Ikat weaving skills from his father and conducts workshops and masterclasses across different countries to pass these skills to others.  Today, he is one of the very few authentic designers left in central asia. In 2005, his work for restoring old design of Bukhara velvet was awarded with a Seal of Excellence by UNESCO. He has also authored a book called “the secret of natural dying”.

ikat from uzbekistan

The Persian term for “ikat” is “abrband” meaning “tying a cloud.” Like other patterned textiles, Ikat uses a resist-dyeing technique that allows select regions to be dyed in different colors. However, unlike batik and tie-dye , Ikat threads are tied off and dyed, BEFORE they are woven. Only once they are dyed, the threads are put on a loom. This result is a slight fuzziness along the edges where colors meet. Its these blurry lines that makes this ethereal textiles even more special.

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Ikat collage

In some cultures, it is believed that the Ikat fabric is endowed with mystic powers because it takes great amount of skill and time to create. How fascinating!!

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