Using Eclectic Pieces to Bring a Modern Home to Life

Avoid that ‘matchy matchy’ look, or a home that would be fit for an Ikea catalogue. Step away from the magnolia and have a bit of fun with your home, using eclectic décor even in a modern interior.

At DesignRaaga, we love the creativity involved in interior design, and the freedom we have when it comes to making our home our own. We are big fans of an eclectic look, and think it’s a great way to inject a little personality into your home.

The Milan home of Designer-architect Gae Aulenti, from Dwell

The Milan home of Designer-architect Gae Aulenti, from Dwell

Make your house a home…

We all want somewhere that feels comfortable and cosy to us, whilst still looking stylish and reflecting our own unique style. In injecting a little personality, a little creativity and a little fun into our homes, we can make it our own, and the end result is like no other, as each and every home is unique to us as individuals, just as it should be.

A modern home can sometimes be difficult to make your own, with everything in its place and a typically neutral colour scheme throughout, and often we are afraid of adding colours into our home, refraining from mixing prints and patterns and using a vast array of colours.

When it comes to your home though, don’t hold back. Be bold with your style and have a bit of fun! We tend to be strict in our homes, settling for more muted ‘safe’ colour décor rather than an abstract design, but it’s your own space and nobody else’s, so make it your own.


Prints & patterns…

With different block prints, patchwork quilts and pottery, decorating your home with eclectic pieces can help add fun and playful style and much needed variety. Put down the magnolia and take a step away from a conventional colour scheme! Choose a range of patterns and colours to add to a room. It isn’t always necessary to keep to a certain colour scheme, try a variety of colours and prints to help compliment each other.

Eclectic pieces can help add a new dimension to a room, bringing it to life and adding a unique style. In a modern home, colours can usually be quite muted and plain, making it difficult to decide how to decorate. Eclectic pieces are a perfect way to start subtlety adding colours and patterns to a room without creating a ‘matchy-matchy’ look.



Eclectic style at DesignRaaga…

Our pieces at DesignRaaga are hand picked and we love each and every one of them. They are all made using a traditional method of craft but in keeping with modern design aesthetics. We are all about the story, history and craftsmanship behind each beautifully crafted piece. Our pieces are unique to every home, their designs can help compliment any room, helping to add colour and combine prints together to make something unique.

The great thing about many of the pieces from our collection is that they have a multi-purpose use. Decorated with gorgeous vibrant colours and bold prints, our hand crafted plates are a perfect addition to brighten up your home. Great to be displayed on the walls, or on the mantelpiece or even as a serving dish.


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Our Ginger Jar collection is a stunning artisan craft, created by using traditional Mexican patterns whilst still using a modern and contemporary blend. Another beautiful multi-purpose décor, add to any room for a touch of Mexican charm or use to display a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new in your home with eclectic décor! The beautiful thing about eclectic décor is one simple piece can transform an entire room. Key pieces with abstract colours and patterns may be all a room needs to help add character. Why not try some pieces from our collection to begin and then begin to add further patterns and designs.



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