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Hand Block Printing: The Perfectly Imperfect Art

The traditional Indian art of hand block printing has been around for centuries. But isn’t it fascinating how much in vogue it still is? And why wouldn’t it be? It is perfectly imperfect. How you ask?

Indian bock print quilt


A design is transferred onto a wooden block. The wooden block is then hand carved by a skilled artisan. The finished block is then dipped in dye and imprinted on a stretched fabric. The artist repeats this step to make succeeding impressions in different colours and patters.

indian Block print

Depending on the amount of pressure that is applied to the wooden stamp, the degree of colour depth and dye absorption can vary across the entire fabric. In this respect, no two pieces of fabric with the exact same design can be exactly the same. In fact the perfect imperfection of the human hand will make them both uniquely imperfect and yet stunning in their own way. It is this authentic, rustic and earthy touch of the Indian hand block printed textiles that I feel the world can’t seem to get enough of.

Indian block printed quilt

Our gorgeous hand block printed collection of cushion covers and quilts, is made by women artisans from a village in Rajasthan. Each of our pieces is ethically sourced and fairly traded through our association with Barefoot College, an NGO that works towards upliftment of women in this village. Our hand block print collection of quilts and cushions is CRAFTMARK certified, which serves as a seal of approval for its authenticity and craftsmanship.

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