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Dabu Block Printing Artisans

Block printing adds a certain rustic elegance to any textile. Combine it with the gorgeous Indigo and you create a combination that has an old world charm to it.


Artisans behind our collection

Our Indigo range of textiles is lovingly handmade by highly skilled artisans from Akola; a village near Udaipur in Rajasthan; home to colour, culture and hand print industries. It is entirely handcrafted using the traditional Dabu block printing and indigo-dyeing technique.


The time-tested techniques and skills acquired by the artisan community in the region have been passed through generations and mastered though years of training.

The artisans are supported by Aavaran; the marketing arm of a leading Rajasthan-based NGO that works for the development of tribal communities in the region.

The Art

The art of dabu block printing, also known as mud resist printing, is a traditional Rajasthani craft. The mud resist technique prevents the colour from entering the parts that are covered, giving the design a layered effect.

Legend has it, that a cloth dyer accidentally put in his mud-speckled clothing with the rest of the clothes to be dyed in the Indigo. When the clothes were left out to dry the next day, he realised that the parts covered in mud, retained the original colour. This, they say is how Dabu printing was discovered.


Dabu Printing starts with the preparation of mud resist. A mixture of natural ingredients, adhesive and mud are mixed to make a sticky paste. This is freshly prepared before every printing process.

The artisans then use wooden blocks dipped in the Dabu paste, to impose resist prints on the fabric. This is done by pressing the handle of the block against the fabric. The dabu paste is then smeared on the block in a thin, even layer.

In order to quickly dry the paste, sawdust is applied in places where the mud resist is printed. Sawdust also acts as a binder, which prevents colour from penetration during the dyeing process.

This is then dried in the sun and dyed in Indigo.


The final product is a textile that beautifully showcases the perfect imperfection of the human hand.

The collection is designed in keeping with modern design aesthetics and will suit contemporary spaces of all stripes.

Our products are CRAFTMARK certified. This acts as a seal of approval for its quality, authenticity, craftsmanship and fair trade practice.


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