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How to Add a ‘Pop’ of Colour to a Neutral Room

Oatmeal sofas, an abundance of beige carpeting/curtains and walls so white it’s like looking out at a snow-covered landscape. A neutral colour scheme is modern and calming, but it can also prove depressing and dare-we-say incredibly dull – at least in the absence of a strong accent colour or two.

But adding an accent isn’t as simple as just buying an orange, red or bright green vase or two and plonking them on a table and shelf. No, your accent colour has to be powerful enough to provide some dynamism and its presence in the room arranged in such a way that it is ‘balanced’ and doesn’t become overpowering. Less is more, in fact. Four or five objects with your accent colour are far better than ten.

This lovely cosy grey living room with its ‘pop’ of yellows and blues is exactly what we mean:

Meanwhile, having spent a happy afternoon online trawling interiors and home wares shops here’s our favourite accessories for adding a ‘pop’ colour to that cream-coloured sitting room of yours:

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6 Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2015

With autumn and the ensuing dark nights definitely making its presence felt these days it’s more important than ever to introduce bright and bold colours into your life to keep you on the cheery side.

Lucky for you then that you’ve landed on our Designraaga blog where we can direct you towards plenty of life-affirming bright and bold home interiors to drool over.

And, actually, the reason we’re writing this post is to keep you updated on the interiors autumn/winter trends. We’ve been doing plenty of web surfing over the past few days and these are the top six favourites from what we’ve found:

Mixing up Marsala

Yes, it’s this year’s colour and it’s finally coming in to its own with the approach of the final months of 2015. We were delighted when colour guru’s Pantone made their announcement at the beginning of the year, simply because we love the shade’s richness and the warmth it gives out. Described as a cross between red wine and clay, it looks sophisticated with grey, extremely smart with white and downright terrific with teal (wouldn’t you agree?):

If you like the look, then here’s some more inspiration that we found on Erin’s lovely and colouful blog, House of Turquoise.  Continue Reading…


Using Eclectic Pieces to Bring a Modern Home to Life

Avoid that ‘matchy matchy’ look, or a home that would be fit for an Ikea catalogue. Step away from the magnolia and have a bit of fun with your home, using eclectic décor even in a modern interior.

At DesignRaaga, we love the creativity involved in interior design, and the freedom we have when it comes to making our home our own. We are big fans of an eclectic look, and think it’s a great way to inject a little personality into your home. Continue Reading…