About us

Raaga: A Sanskrit word meaning colour, hue, beauty & melody

Self PicI believe there is something inherently special about a beautifully handcrafted piece that makes it bigger than the product itself. It is the story, the history and the painstaking craftsmanship behind such pieces that fascinates me.

 A love of the unique, the authentic, the one-offs and all the timeless crafts of the world, inspires me to handpick the best from different cultures and countries. Through our sophisticated edit of handcrafted pieces, we aim to tell stories that bring beauty, colour and melody, which is what the word ‘Raaga’ means.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind and will blend beautifully into your life’s narrative, yet stand out enough to be a conversation starter.

So, come shop the world’s handcrafted products at DesignRaaga.com and be inspired to design a ‘Raaga’ story for your home.


Our Partners

Most of our supply partners include fair trade producer groups, NGOs, co-operatives and other social enterprises that work closely with artisans at the grassroots level, thus contributing towards empowerment of the local community. This enables us to connect with skilled artisans from around the world, who showcase their life’s dedicated training by creating these one of a kind pieces. Most of these artisans are women who are looking to continue their craft and earn a sustainable living. Our association with our supply partners therefore not only helps preserve the traditional art forms, but also providing a means for sustainable livelihood for these artisans.

 The brand promotes fair trade and responsible sourcing.