6 Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2015

With autumn and the ensuing dark nights definitely making its presence felt these days it’s more important than ever to introduce bright and bold colours into your life to keep you on the cheery side.

Lucky for you then that you’ve landed on our Designraaga blog where we can direct you towards plenty of life-affirming bright and bold home interiors to drool over.

And, actually, the reason we’re writing this post is to keep you updated on the interiors autumn/winter trends. We’ve been doing plenty of web surfing over the past few days and these are the top six favourites from what we’ve found:

Mixing up Marsala

Yes, it’s this year’s colour and it’s finally coming in to its own with the approach of the final months of 2015. We were delighted when colour guru’s Pantone made their announcement at the beginning of the year, simply because we love the shade’s richness and the warmth it gives out. Described as a cross between red wine and clay, it looks sophisticated with grey, extremely smart with white and downright terrific with teal (wouldn’t you agree?):

If you like the look, then here’s some more inspiration that we found on Erin’s lovely and colouful blog, House of Turquoise. 

Nurturing with nature

Nature themes have been big for quite a while now but they’re huge this autumn/winter (think ‘living walls’ in particular). Is this because there won’t be so much greenery around as Christmas approaches? Possibly. One thing though – we can’t wait to go walking through the park to seek out the burnt orange and golden yellow of all those autumn leaves we’re sure to find in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you don’t have to go to the hassle of actually growing a wall in your livingroom if you want to stay on trend – easier to invest in some wallpaper, curtains or home accessories with a leaf/floral motif!:

Photo by Spaceo

Photo by Spaceo

Fusion fashioning

This is an autumn/window trend that we heartily approve of. Yes, the ‘eclectic’ look (combining old with new – also known in some interior circles as Fusion Styling – is one of our favourites). So why old and new? Well for one, putting an old tarnished silver candlestick together with a zebra print linen tablecloth is pretty bold and it also adds a bit of fun to a room, no? Meanwhile, embrace this trend and you also get big recycling brownie points:

Grooving with gold

The dazzling light in the image above reminded us of our next autumn/winter 2015 interiors trend – and that’s getting all glittery with gold. Silver and gold seem to take turn around year by year and in 2015 it’s definitely gold that steals the show. Here at DesignRaaga we’re introducing some gold ourselves in the form of our lustre bowls. We love the way the gleaming gold interior contrasts beautifully with the earthenware outer.

Shop here at DesignRaaga

Shop here at DesignRaaga

Wowing with wallpaper

Textured wallpaper is becoming more readily available you’ll find (well, it’s one way to compete with all those dazzling wall murals around today). Meanwhile, forget off-the-peg wallpaper. That’s because other wall trends include decals and even stencilling (a great way to make your own mark, as it were). The fab part about stencilling is that it’s not expensive so fits in beautifully with today’s thrifty zeitgeist. Can’t draw though? Never mind – you could always invest in a stencil roller. We stumbled upon these  paint rollers on Clare Bosanquet’s lovely website this week. The best part is the instruction video on her site, that teaches you all that you need to know on how to get started.

Photo by The Painted House

Photo by The Painted House

Design and drama

We love the green sofa against the dark blue walls in the sitting room pictured below – both of which sit nicely with the purple plant and candle on the coffee table. This is certainly bold and dramatic – but not outrageously so. It does the job though ie livens up the interior of this modern house and adds a touch of quirkiness at the same time:

If the bold look in particular appeals to you then do take a look through our online store where we’re extremely big on colour. You’ll no doubt pick up one or two other design ideas at the same time. Happy browsing!

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