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10 Questions for Tastemaker Kimberly Duran


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Every home has a design story.

Our latest in the Tastemaker series, takes you into the fabulously eclectic home of Kimberly Duran. Read on for a peak into Kimberly’s stunning Edwardian house and to know more about her love for ‘Eclectic Boho Glam’ interiors.


If you were not an interiors writer, what would you be?

Well I worked in content and digital marketing for a number of years before blogging so I imagine that’s probably what I’d be doing although I do fancy product design, creating beautiful lighting perhaps!

When one walks into your home, what is the first thing that they notice?

Usually when we welcome people into our home, we go directly to the dining room and kitchen which are open to one another. I would say the first thing they notice is the large starburst mirror and the dark blue colour of my dining room!


What is your decor style?

I like to call it “Eclectic Boho Glam” – a wide mix of styles, lots of pattern, colour and texture and a lot of brass and gold to add a bit of glamour!


What is the favourite part of your home and why?

Oooh that’s a hard one! If I had to choose a room, it would probably be my living room. It’s sort of closed off to the rest of the house and it’s a cosy space to be. I always feel really happy spending time in that space. As for the house itself, I love it’s history.

‘Raaga’ is a Sanskrit word that means beauty, melody & harmony. What brings ‘Raaga’ to your home?

I think what brings Raaga to our home is the idea that our home is a reflection of the people who live there. It’s a lively, happy place shared with 2 cats and a puppy, where nothing is too precious. All the renovations we’ve done have been completely DIY’d by both myself and my partner and so the design is truly our own. I think when your home reflects your personality well, you feel secure and harmonious with your environment.


Any decorating tricks you swear by?

When choosing a colour for your room, choose a piece of art, a fabric, wallpaper or a colourful object as a jumping off point for the design and then choose the paint afterwards. Never paint your walls first – it’s so much easier matching a paint to something else than the other way around!

Which is the one thing that you picked up on your travels that holds a special memory for you?

A pretty yellow tie-dyed scarf/throw in Menorca that I use everywhere!


“I think when your home reflects your

personality well, you feel secure and

harmonious with your environment”



One decorating technique you’d never use?

Painting techniques that make items look “shabby chic”. It’s just not me at all.


What is your source for design inspiration?

Other blogs, digital interior design magazines and Pinterest mostly! Although I find travel very inspiring as well.


Describe your perfect Friday evening at home?

Curled up in the living room under a duvet snuggling with my guy, my kitties and dog watching films and drinking cocktails.




Favourite Designer?

Kelly Wearstler

Favourite Pattern?

Leopard print – the good ones though, not the tacky patterns!

Favourite Restaurant? 

My own kitchen! We love to cook!

Local shop?

HomeSense or my local charity shops

Guilty Pleasure?

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate with Ginger



Kimberly’s favourite Raaga Picks…

Kimberly's-picks1. Oval Planter | 2. Round Planter | 3. Blue Indian Tray | 4. Gold Lustre Bowl

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